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Rainie and my friend Stephanie Personal blog Akibahara Minato,Tokyo. We posted things we loved.
some photographs of Japan&Korea belongs to us.
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"We are one."

너만이 날 비춰, I can see the future


i’m just so worried about EXO rn,and i so bad for them just like you T.T

each of them is exhausted and on top of new injury along w old injuries.sometimes it amazes me how they can still go on tho inside they just want to pass out tbh

Tao just came back from the jungle with a cast on his leg. he…

cutie wrapping a towel around his head

gentleman jongin grabbing a chair for his luhan hyung (who wasn't feeling well) and insisting he sit down


Love Keeps Going" - Mike He and Cyndi Wang



sekai's life: from little boys to handsome men~ 
by exo_hinig

2NE1 LYRICS  2NE1 ♡ FIRE [space and street ver.] ❤ LYRICS


this part is gold because there are just so many things going on here:

first you have kyungsoo being the tease that he is biting his lips and cocking his eyebrow

then you have a drunk lay

and then a luhan full of swag

a fierce jongin staring into the depths of your soul

a 500% done sehun 

a cutesy jongdae…

…and tao conducting his own orchestra performance


[140727] Sehun, Chanyeol, Suho, Kai, D.O, Chen, Baekhyun, Lay Departing for TLP Changsha


what a sweet well-mannered, Kim Jongin T3T

cr: mpst

The greasy things Kim Jongin does during love love love

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