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Rainie and my friend Stephanie Personal blog Akibahara Minato,Tokyo. We posted things we loved.
some photographs of Japan&Korea belongs to us.
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Baekhyun: “Oh you are hanging out with him again? Hmmm yeah no that’s not ok…”


Chanyeol: “Bacon? Really? Isn’t that like the third time this week? Do you not want to hang out with me?”


Chen: “Hmmm … yeah … so you are hanging out with who? Hmm no yeah no that’s not okay sorry.”



Kdrama Sehun and Suho fighting over Taemin

kyungsoo , really? ಥ‿ಥ


They don’t like their drinks and their facelololol

Their face expression just makes me laugh so hard lololol

kaibaek during peter pan
"he’s so innocent" •́•̩̥̀ 
jongin’s reaction when it suddenly starts raining

EXO-K as Sims; Character Traits

yixing imitating jongin when he realized he wasn't supposed to be on stage

once again, junmyeon being a patron saint for saving the members from the devil

Shinhwa’s Minwoo’s n°1 Fanboy (๑•͈ᴗ•͈)

9 shades of sehun ୧(﹒︠ᴗ﹒︡)୨

Kai forgetting to get off stage during Exo-M’s Overdose part….

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