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Rainie and my friend Stephanie Personal blog Akibahara Minato,Tokyo. We posted things we loved.
some photographs of Japan&Korea belongs to us.
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Exo as desserts

the shit sehun does behind tao’s back

when suho dances with boa


time to get spooky!

Welcome to Kaisoo’s Cupcake shop!
Store hours:
Monday - Friday: 7 AM - 8 PM
Saturday - Sunday: 8 AM - 8 PM
"Everything is served with love." 

141018 SM Town Concert @ Shanghai

Maknae line sharing a moment

reasons why I’m losing my sanity;

sehun just grab his tiny hyung

Concept:Smart Feminity


*why vid post on tumblr always cut it’s short than post on any website*

need some minute or longer.

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Tokyo Runway/2014

Concept:Modern Gothic


Stage Director/Photographer:Stephanie

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My Brand Commercial AW/2014(2)


Stylish:(my friend)Rainie

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My Brand Commercial AW/2014(1)


Stylish:(my friend) Rainie

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