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Rainie and my friend Stephanie Personal blog Akibahara Minato,Tokyo. We posted things we loved.
some photographs of Japan&Korea belongs to us.
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on his way to steal your heart.

taemin’s mental breakdown


Everybody know you love the maknae couple: TaeKai


pretty boys-flower boys

Dat booty… grace..

Kai has quiet, manly charms. I want to have his manliness because I’m soft and have a pretty face.
Lee Taemin 140820 KBS COOL FM ! (is he saying jongin tops?)

Kim Jongin // Die Jungs

In sync

good hair day…

kyungsoo shouting at chanhun to be quiet ft. a startled sehun

[14/08/20 TAO’S MEIPAI] 玩儿的真是开心 😂 (playing around so happy �)

[aka taohun in a nutshell]

sehun was silently grooving onto the music playing on his phone when baekhyun suddenly came to interfere


Some things..never change:





Someone call a doctor..

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